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The Difference Between Most Common Satellite LNB's, Quad, Octo, Quattro

This is a video demonstration between the most common types of LNB's.

The LNB serves multiple function and is the part of the satellite dish in which the coaxial cable that feeds your TV is connected.

Once watching this video you should be able to tell the difference between the most common LNB types and identify the ones you're most likely to need for your own satellite system.

LNB's in the demonstration:

1x Universal LNB - 40mm collar size
1x Universal Quad LNB - 40mm collar size
1x Sky mini-dish Quad LNB - 38mm collar size
1x Sky mini-dish Octo LNB - 38mm collar size
1x Sky Q LNB
1x Quattro LNB (which connects to the multi-switch amplifier)

For more information on how to terminate a coaxial cable with a F connector which is required to connect to LNB's, watch this video:


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Official video for “OPPS N NARCOS” by LNB​.
Produced and Directed by Humble House.

Produced by: Bkay
Co-Produced by: TIK
Recording Engineer: TIK
Instrumental: Bkay
Mixed \u0026 Mastered by TIK

Luxo: https://www.instagram.com/alex.luxo/
Breezy: https://www.instagram.com/_breezyy.26/




Making them peas,
I came like a beast,
Eu mudo o meu bisno,
Im looking for peace,

They cannot believe,
Indeed avisa,
Avisa no breezy que eu ando busy,
Nkre fazi djis,
Nhos para ku beef,
Focado na street,
Nka tem limite,
Na cama não durmo sem pensar no djis,
Naquilo que quis mas não consegui,
Sinceramente não escolhi nada disso,
A crescer no game não quero essa fame,
Não ligo para bitch procuro o meu brilho,
Dentu street nha caminho é sombrio,
Dentu street nha cominho é sombrio,

Screw them opps narcos,
man goes deep in the bando,
But you better dont play wit the gun

Okay that’s me breezy,
Me and my bro stay busy,
We started from the bottom like drizzy,
Naaa that shit it ain’t easy,

These bitches and ops been calling my phone,
Fuck that just leave me,
I’m in the street u cant see me,
Corda na pescoço tchiga na mim,
Dentu street só notas do 20,
Encata da caloti pá cá atrapadja spidi,
Mi ku nha mano gossip e riba beat,
Who’s next, who’s next,
You now the man in the right goes left, right,
Like bro fuck are u thinking,
I make that money,
That's how Im living,
I need that crown screw, what they saying,
And listen,
My soul is bigger than money shut up man I don’t sell for funny,
I need to catch that pocket watch it,
All these niggas been barking,
Man you got the food just slash it,
Making money don’t talk shit,
I'm still making my own profit
Bitch you cant do nothing like this,

Screw them opps narcos,
man goes deep in the bando,
But you better dont play wit the gun

Me and my bros,
Go loco loco,
We making mess,
Aint no take off,
Fuck off,
They cant come,
We can fuck em,
block em,
All these man we can lock em,
Lock em,
Odja cantus ki dja morri ku beef,
Se és preto ou branco mano agiliza,
Ko fica parado nigga su kre guita,
Ka nhos tran pinta nhos ka conxi nha vida,
26 sta camba na beat,
My soul is bigger then yours,
Im moving with force,
I know I can fell but is never a lost,
I’ve Been trought a lot a lot,
My soul is bigger then money bruv,
And theres no cost,
And if I go Back and back,
Still praying for God,
How many times did you chase your goals?
You get what I mean?

Wheres your soul ? (Wheres your soul)
Dont make me talk (dont make me talk)
You got the juice,
And I got sauce,
I got the sauce,

Tchilling with the molly on my pocket,
Making hundreds you know that’s mad,
I take it my cash from you,
You now that’s true,
Mad too,
Flip the board you know I can do,
I didn’t knock the door,
I just ran trought,
Droga refundido si no odja blue,
Então odja tudo cima déjà vuu.

Lyon-Villeurbanne vs. Nanterre (96-92) - Résumé - 2020/21

Après une fin de match folle les hommes de TJ Parker s’imposent à domicile et signent leur 8ème victoire de la saison !

Lyon-Villeurbanne vs. Nanterre (96-92) - Résumé - 2020/21\r
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