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금강제화 리갈201d - U팁

만덕후 Vol.4

금강제화 리갈201d - U팁(MMX5100FG11)

단계별 유무념 공부 팁!!

○ 제목 : 단계별 유무념 공부
○ 설교 : 박세훈 교무

How to Pipe Using a Petal Tip - Martha Stewart

More Tips from Martha :http://www.marthastewart.com/967789/how-cook?xsc=soc_ytfoodmshhHHT
A curved petal tip is a must for creating flowers and borders, while a straight petal tip is the go-to for piping roses, daffodil petals, and ruffled borders. A U-shaped petal tip is helpful when piping spherical circles and more.
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How to Pipe Using a Petal Tip - Martha Stewart




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